Live, love, learn French in Grenoble!


Want to learn French?

You would like to learn French or to improve it. You would like to learn with a French native. You’re ready to embrace French culture.


What if I helped you to learn French more easily?

  • You can find here one-on-one sessions, completely adapted to your needs.
  • You would like to speak more fluently and with more confidence? Join our conversation groups.
  • You want to practice your French writing skills? Discover our « walk and write » workshops.
Catherine Allibert

Meet the teacher!

My name is Catherine, I’m French and I used to live in the US. Learning English (I mean, the real one, not the one I learnt in school!) was tough for me. So I completely understand what you might feel in your everyday life, struggling with the French language! I teach to French kids all around the world, through Skype, to help them keep their native language. I’ll be glad to help you too!

If you want to know me better, let’s have a coffee together (even a « online-coffee ») ! I love meeting new people! Send me an email and I’ll get back to you for an appointment.

And if you have any questions that wake you up in the night about the French language, feel free to ask me by sending a message!

How do I register ?

  1. Send me an email with your level, your needs and the option you would like.
  2. Payment by cash, check or transfer (Paypal or through your bank).
  3. For all these programs, payment is required BEFORE the class.
Come on! Express yourself!

If you have kids, I also have sessions for them!

I have many funny tricks to make them learn (and love) French!

From primary school to middle school, I can help them be more confident and improve quickly!

The only requirement is for them to know how to read in their language.